Over 40 Varieties Daily!

Home of the Donut Cake!

A Little About Us!

Donut Land offers breakfast and dessert catering for parties of all size, and owner Bill Rienerth has even been known to create a “Happy Birthday” donut cake.

“For more than 40 years we’ve been making homestyle donuts in the same way.”

-Bill Rienerth, owner of Donut Land

What People are Saying

WOW! I read all the reviews about Donut Land and thought to myself… They’re donuts – what could be so special about DONUTS?!

So I set out on a journey to give these donuts a try. And I discovered they aren’t JUST DONUTS. They are a LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Not only are their donuts amazing but their staff was friendly and accommodating.

In fact, Malorie, grand daughter of the owner, went out of her way to make me some strawberry cream “long johns”… no extra charge! (I did give her a dollar tip though.) They were so delicious that I’m surprised they don’t offer them in strawberry. (Tell them you would like to try a strawberry cream filled donut or long john the next time you go there.)

I WILL be back.

Mark Madere

i’ve been going here since i was a baby. but recently, like yesterday the staff women have been bitchy and rude. this is by far my favorite place to get chocolate milk and donuts, but the customer service seems to be going downhill now. i will still always get my donuts from here.

Christie M

Awesome neighborhood donut joint that had stood the test of time. Franchised donut places don’t come close when it comes out freshness and flavor. The employee there prepared a Boston cream donut stick fresh for me when one wasnt on the shelf. Definitely a hidden gem and a best of Brunswick. I stopped by after visiting the cricket wireless store next door

Umang Shah

Oh man, I love donuts especially when they are fresh. An early morning jaunt recently led me to this special spot with a wide variety of choices to quench the sweet tooth I normally try not to indulge. Comparatively I like donut land much better than Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately Donut Land is a little farther away from me than Duncan is, but in my book, a few extra miles is worth it if it tastes better!

M. Hartman

Staff has always been fast, efficient & extremely friendly! Plus their donuts are great a lot bigger than other donut shops and cheaper! Donut land is also a huge supporter of our cities schools and youth, which always looks good for our community!